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Our Fleet

4 “optimist”

Optimist: small, single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to 4 ft 7 in (1.40m) height. Single sail sprit-rigged, pram hull.  Length overall 7 ft 8.9 in (2.36m) weight 77lb (35kg) mainsail area 35 sq ft 75 sq in (3.3 sq m) 

2 “skipper”

Versatile dinghy skipper  ideal for novice sailors  Pleasure craft, centre board and rudder horizontally pivoted C .N.A. project t Length 13ft 1in (4.00 m). – Width 5ft 2 in (1,60 m) – weight  198.4 lb (90 KG) – mainsail area 118sq ft 58 sq in  (11 sq m)


2 “X14″

Laser (dinghy) X14: one of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world. Dagger board, Length overall 13ft 9 in (4.2m) weight 130lb (58.97kg) mainsail area 76.0 sq ft  (7.06sq m)

1 “Top Cat” 15

Length 13ft 11 in (4.25m) width 7ft 7 in (2.32m) weight 264.55 lb (120kg) mainsail area 107 ft 92 in (10sq m) 


2 ”Hobie Cat” 16

Second smallest within its category: Hobie Cat 16 (catamaran) length overall 16ft 7in (5.04m) weight 320lbs (145kg) mainsail area 148 sq ft 31 sq in (13.77sq m) 




Jesolo Sail Beach Centre was born in the Jesolo’s pinewood area from the shared passion for sailing of its original members and today you can find us on the east beach off Piazza Milan
Our primary objective at the club is to offer both beginners and experienced sailors a unique sailing training experience in a friendly and informal atmosphere in the hope that some of our passion will “rub off” on everyone who joins us A.S.D. Jesolo Sail Beach Centre offers more than just the usual holiday. Our range of sporting activities will enable you to have the best holiday experience and to embrace a new sport with a true spirit of the sea.
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